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Welcome to our shop. We are very excited about our new product Jagua. It is a natural temporary tattoo gel which creates real look blue/black tattoos. We also sell Natural Brown Henna, designs, glitter and much more!

  • Jagua is an easy to use tattoo gel.
  • It is 'real look' tattoo black in colour.
  • Jagua tattoos last 10-15 days.

Jagua is a great way to try out tattoo ideas as it looks just like a real tattoo. Anything is possible from Dusk Till Dawn style tribal tattoos to intricate japanese koi, or whatever floats your boat!

The gel is made from a fruit called Genipa Americana which comes all the way from the South American Rainforest. The Indiginous tribes there have used the natural dye to decorate their bodies for centuries. For more info check out our info and tips page.

Hope you love it as much as we do!

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Our customers have been having great success freezing Jagua tubs and tubes. So you can now keep your Jagua gel fresh for up to six months! For more information please see our FAQ page.
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